Placemaking & Community Engagement

Activating the South Eveleigh precinct

Activating the South Eveleigh precinct

Placemaking for the local community

When Mirvac took over what is now the South Eveleigh precinct in south Redfern, it was an evocative and somewhat tumbledown warren of cavernous locomotive workshops and tired office spaces. Pubblico! (then Decode Media) were charged with activating the precinct during its redevelopment.

The Brief:

Client: Mirvac

Years: 2018-2019

Location: South Eveleigh

Choo Choo Festival

October 21st, 2018

The rich transport and train heritage of the Locomotive Workshops deserved a proper party and we decided to kick things up a notch with Choo Choo Festival; a free train heritage fun day for train lovers big and small. A rainy forecast saw our Plan B swing into action, and the festival was realised inside the Workshops themselves. 

With over 5000 attending on the day, smashing previous attendance records 10 times over, this was a resounding success.


Photography ~ Yael Stempler

Turn Out - a fete for grownups

26th - 27th October, 2018

With the wrecking balls all but poised, Turn Out - a fete for grownups was to be the very last public event to take place in the enormous Locomotive Workshop bays. With soaring ceilings and a floor space that could fit several olympic sized swimming pools, we created an immersive, eclectic space where grownups could turn up and lose themselves for a few happy hours, glass of pinot in hand.


Photography ~ Yael Stempler

Play Day

25th May, 2019

With the South Eveleigh precinct nearing completion, and most of the hoardings down, we planned an event to reinvigorate interest in the area, introducing local families to the new spaces designed with them in mind. Through creative placemaking, we aimed to bolster the existing connections between the local community and this once off-limits space.

The sun was shining, the balloon arch was up and the bubble disco was in full swing!


Photography ~ Stephanie Simcox

Welcome Party

May 24th, 2019

Time to meet the neighbours!

With countless new tenants and workers coming to South Eveleigh every day, it was time to ditch the Australian Technology Park moniker and bring the South Eveleigh rebrand to life. It was a balmy Friday afternoon in May as the sun slipped away and the festoon lighting turned it into a real *mood*. This networking mixer brought together both the tenanted businesses and the workers, presenting a wonderful IRL opportunity to market and mingle. The event was a home-run, with numbers of RSVPs eventually capped at 650.


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By Rabia Lockwood